About us

At JR National Fixture, INC. We would love to outfit your commercial kitchen with professional used equipment to help increase your profits and enhance your bottom-dollar. Choose from our wide selection of food prep equipment and kitchen supplies. Our technicians work daily on-site to make sure every last piece of pre-owned equipment for sale is in good working condition by ordering the correct replacement parts, checking & rechecking mechanical components, refurbishing and replacing excessively worn and damaged parts down to the smallest nuts and bolts. We even offer a limited Warranty on used equipment (please see warranty details).

       For a business just starting out and even for the established local institution, every last dollar counts. That’s why we carry quality brands that have been trusted for decades. When your cooks have a roll of tickets coming in and your servers are deep in the weeds, you should be confident in your equipment.

       Whether you are a restaurant operator/owner, aspiring chef, or someone who enjoys cooking at home, we have the food service equipment you need. Let your money work for you, when you spend with us!

    Keep your restaurant clean and score high on that health inspection with our restoration process.

  • Initial Inspection

  • Cleaning and Detailing

  • Parts tested and replaced as needed

  • Quality Safety Check

  • Gaskets and Seals checked and replaced as needed

  • Final Inspection

  • Pre-Owned Certification


JR National was established in 1952. We have lasted because of our strong commitment to our customers. At JR National we believe quality used equipment should have a chance to be available to everyone, to make this earth a better place. Used equipment does mean we saved it from some scrapyard or sitting in ally behind some bar, then we go to work on bring it back to life. When we are done, we’ll stand behind our equipment with a 30 days parts and labor warranty on mostly everything.

We deal in 90% used, and 10% new equipment in house. With that said, we can order anything you need new.

We buy, sell and trade most equipment, depending on brands. Please send an email to natfix6830@gmail.com if you plan on buying or selling item(s).

Buying item(s)? email FOR A QUOTE:

Please send a list of equipment with measurements of item(s) you are looking for. We will respond with USED items that we have on our showroom floor. If you’d like a bid for new item(s) please request next to item(s) “NEW QUOTE ITEM”, for the item(s) you would like a quote for.

Selling item(s)? email FOR A BID:

Please send a picture of the item and tag with model number if available, a description of the item(s),  How much you are asking for item(s), and weather you can bring item(s) to our location or if item(s) need to be picked up.

We would love to save all the food service equipment we can, but due to budget and space, we can’t.

Please feel free to contact us via email or by phone. All of our items have not made it to the online yet, All our merchandise is displayed on our showroom floor at,

6830 S. Broadway St. Louis, MO 63111


(314) 638-2200

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